From child's play to high alpine

1,600 km of hiking trails wind through the Ötztal, climbing from the valley floor through dense mountain forests to soft alpine meadows, crossing glacier fields and following steep ridges to the summit cross. There is a suitable selection of tours for every level of fitness and motivation. From family-friendly hut, themed and circular hikes to challenging alpine tours to long-distance hikes lasting several days such as the Ötztaler Urweg, the Ötztal promises a unique hiking offering. Very hard-working people exchange their collected hut stamps for the hiking pin as a nice souvenir of the mountain summer.

The 3 main categories

The family-friendly and themed hiking trails

Just walking – totally relaxing. But especially if you have children or a lot of curiosity, it can be a little more. The themed trails in the Ötztal come in handy. The exciting and natural offering ranges from A for Apfelstrasse or Almzeit to Z for Zwergerlweg. Display boards, some interactive stations and attractive routes convey the history, culture, peculiarities of the landscape and culinary delights in the Ötztal. This makes hiking fun – and smart.

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Longing goals for advanced learners

The closer to the three thousand meter mark, the harsher the nature, the more intense the physical exertion and the feeling of happiness. Sure-footed, experienced mountaineers are drawn all the way up to the Ötztaler Kogeln and peaks made of granite, gneiss and glacier fields. These moderately difficult and difficult tours require physical fitness and careful planning. As a reward for all the altitude, the breathtakingly located huts serve lavish refreshments so that the descent is also a problem.

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Happiness in stages (long-distance hiking)

What's nicer than a day in the mountains? Hiking through the Ötztal for several days in a row, as far as your feet will take you. It is not for nothing that in our fast-moving times there is a growing fascination with slow progress over mountains and valleys. Both for the long-distance hiking premiere (e.g. on Ötztaler Urweg) as well as for the cross-border challenge (on the European long-distance hiking trail E5) the Ötztal has an excellent network of path.

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