Information about our houses and the surrounding area


Das Apart Rauch / Obergurgl
Seelattenweg 8, A-6456 Obergurgl; Tel: +43 5256 20470

Geospatial data:

46°52’23.9“N / 11°01’43.8“E

Aqua Dom

We are an AQUA DOME partner company and offer you discounts on admission to the thermal baths as well as special additional services such as Reservation of day tickets with guaranteed admission time (no waiting time at the entrance). In addition, we have information material for you on all current offers and prices in the AQUA DOME and are available to you as a competent contact person at any time.
You will find the "Aqua Dome" thermal baths not far from us and can be reached in just a few minutes by car or just 15 minutes on foot (from Apart Iris). The most modern and architecturally impressive thermal resort in the Alps in the heart of the Ötztal scores points with its futuristic water and sauna world. Float weightlessly in the brine bowl and look at imposing three thousand meter peaks: Immerse yourself in 12 indoor and outdoor pools with 34 - 36 ° C warm water. You will find peace for yourself in the lounge oases. Stop for a moment and feel how the element of water inspires your spirit.
The best thing to do is experience it yourself: WELCOME to the AQUA DOME!


getting there Arrival is possible from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival. Please contact us before your arrival in order to arrange the date for the personal key handover on site




Raiffeinsenbank Sölden, Ramolweg 4 6456 Obergurgl Map

BTV Bankomat, Gurglerstrasse 93, 6456 Obergurgl Map

Bread service

If you would like to use our bread service, look for delicious bread or rolls from the delivery list and notify us of your order by 6 p.m. the evening before using a slip of paper or an electronic message. We will then place the order for you. You can also purchase eggs, milk and cheese products from us directly from the producer.

Bike garage

You can safely store your bike / mountain bike in our garage. You can easily open this with your room key. There you will also find a small workshop with a bicycle lifting device to be able to carry out repairs in a relaxed manner. If you want to clean your bike / mountain bike, you can also use a high-pressure cleaner

Bus stops

the stop at Apart Rauch is approx. 130 meters away (line 8352, Obergurgl Hotel Hochfirst stop).

50 meters to the stop for possible use of the ski bus.

bus schedule

Here you can find all current timetables for public transport in the Ötztal


Credit card

We accept all credit- or debit cards.


Whether the weather on site in the Ötztal, a current picture from the Tyrolean mountains or information about open lifts and huts. A look at our live information provides all data and information - conveniently and quickly. So the day can start well planned.



Satisfied guests are the most important thing. We therefore ask you to notify us immediately if we can improve something or eliminate a problem. Of course, we are also very grateful for tips and suggestions.


On the day of departure, the apartment is available until 9 a.m. Please leave the apartment "swept clean" and put the clean dishes in the cupboards provided and dispose of the household waste in the container provided behind the house. You can simply leave the room cards on the kitchen table.


A dishwasher is available in the kitchen. Only commercially available cleaning tabs may be used in the dishwasher. Important: The dishwasher must be emptied before your departure and the clean and dry dishes must be placed in the cupboards!

Doctor Obergurgl

Dr. Kathrin Brunner-Schlegel Outpatient Clinic Obergurgl Gurglerstraße 118, A-6456 Obergurgl, Tel: +43 5256 6423 Email: office@med-obergurgl.com Appointment by telephone arrangement https://www.med-obergurgl.com/

Doktor Sölden

Dr. Wolfgang Drapela;  Dorfstraße 71 ∙ 6450 Sölden  Tel: +43 5254 3039 9  https://www.arzt-soelden.com/

domestic animal

We ask for your understanding that the beds and seating for pets are an absolute "no-go zone". The same applies to the gardens. Avoid barking dogs. Dogs must always be kept on a leash in the hallway and entrance.


Emergency numbers

  •  European emergency Tel: 112          Ambulance                  Tel: 144
  •  Fire brigade                 Tel: 122         Emergency doctor       Tel: 141
  • Police                            Tel: 133         Mountain Rescue        Tel: 140


Here you can find all information about the current events in the valley

E-vehicle charging

There is an houseown  11 KW wall box right next to your parking lot, where you can charge your vehicle at low cost.


Gas Station

BP Tankstelle Sölden Dorfstrasse 14 , 6450 Sölden open from 07:00 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr Map

If you have an e-vehicle, a wall box is available in our house.


HAIR SALON „RICKI” | T +43 5256 6273

Tue – Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
from  28.11.
Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


You can reach our housekeeping on Tel +43 664 127 4901

Huts / Huts Taxi

Here you can find all information about the mountain huts in the valley



You have free internet access via a wireless router. Network name: Das Apart Iris or Apart Rauch

Network key: You will receive the network key via QR code in your apartment!



Our guests will be given two key cards upon arrival. The key card can be used to open and lock the apartment entrance door, the house entrance door and the garage.


Location information

Here you get all the important information about the two places as a pdf file

 Townsinfo Obergurgl



There is a parking space for our guests in front of the house. If this is exceptionally occupied by another vehicle, you can temporarily park your car on one of the other parking spaces. As soon as the parking space allocated to your apartment is free again, please move your car.

Important: Due to the limited number of parking spaces, please park with due consideration so that no adjacent parking space is impaired in its use.

Pharmacy Sölden

Ötztal Apotheke | Pharmacy
Gemeindestrasse 1
6450 Sölden
T +43 (0) 5254 2670
Open: Mo – Fr 8:30 – 12:30 Uhr, 14:30 – 18:30 Uhr, Sa 8:30 – 12:00 Uhr

Mon - Thu 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
from 01.12.
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wed, Fri 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Thu 2:00 – 5:00 pm


Ötztal Inside Summer Card (You will receive it directly from us on arrival)

The Ötztal Inside Summer Card is valid from the second day of your stay. (Except arrival day).

The "all inclusive" card for your summer vacation
Experience an unforgettable summer vacation with your Ötztal Inside Summer Card! The key to all highlights from the 2nd day of your vacation in the valley: free entry to the summer cable cars, swimming pools, public transport, museums, and much more.

Everthing in one Card (Validity period: 29. Mai – 03. Oktober 2022)

  • Mountain railways & Lifts: No more long waiting times - the card gives you direct access through the turnstile! (1x ascent and descent per day | excluding MTB transport)
  • Bus: All public buses as well as the hiking buses can be used free of charge. The hut taxis are available at a reduced price. (Registration is required)
  • Aqua Dome: Can be used twice per card for 3 hours (without sauna) in June, September and October (30.05. - 30.06. & 01.09. - 04.10.2020). Your card bonus: 15% discount on all spa admissions, fitness and treatments * in July and August! (* Discount on treatments subject to availability)
  • Area 47: The ultimate playground: The water area of ​​AREA 47 can be used once per card. One-time one-hour ticket per card for wakeboarding in the WAKE AREA.  (10% discount on all other activities)
  • Bike Rental: Free standard bike rental - applies once per card. (E-bike, downhill & special bike for an extra charge)
  • Selected hikes in the Ötztal Nature Park and the Gurgler hiking program included.
  • and much more



Here you can find information about the restaurants in Längenfeld and Obergurgl


Your holiday apartment is equipped with 2 flat screen TVs (1 x living room, 1 x bedroom). Please do not change the program positions. The TV in the living room contains 100 channels with different languages ​​and the info and panorama channels from Sölden and Obergurgl.

When you leave the holiday apartment, please make sure that the television is switched off (see also "TV") and that the remote controls are next to the respective television!



You can store money and valuables up to 2,000 euros in the room safe    

To lock, you need a 4-digit code that you can choose freely. If you enter the code incorrectly more than 3 times, the safe locks itself for security reasons and can only be unlocked by the housekeeper.

Programming code: By pressing the button on the rear left of the inner door, two signal tones are emitted. Please enter a four-digit code on the front (keypad) and then press the A or # key

Open: After entering your code and pressing the A or # key, you will hear a signal tone and the release handle can be confirmed within 5 seconds. If the code is entered incorrectly 3 times you have to wait minutes before you can try again or please contact the housekeeper.

Ski pass

You can get your ski pass, whether it's a day, week or season ticket, at all valley stations in Ötztal and in every sports shop.

Use the Ötztaler Superskipass. This gives you access to all lifts in the Ötztal 361 kilometers of slopes, 90 lifts and 6 ski areas (from 3 day pass)


The ski room is located in the garage, which you can open with your room key. You can find information about the ski areas under "Skiinfo"

Ski bus stops

The stop at Apart Rauch is approx. 130 meters away (line 8352, Obergurgl Hotel Hochfirst stop). The stop for any use of the local bus is 50 meters away to the timetables


Smoking is not permitted in the entire apartment! Smoking is only permitted on the balcony with the terrace door closed. There is an ashtray on the balcony which, if used, should be cleaned before departure. Smoking is also not permitted in the entire hall!

Sofa bed

The living area is u. a. Equipped with a high quality sofa bed with slatted frame. The sofa can be folded out easily by pulling on the backrests. The sofa bed can be folded up again by simply pushing it up.

Important: The bed linen must be put back in the chests provided for this purpose before the sofa is folded up. It must not remain in the sofa as this can damage the sofa bed.


From sports socks to complete bike equipment, you get everything you need on the mountain in summer or winter

Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Sat 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Mini MPreis Obergurgl / Near Festkogelbahn
Mo – SA 8:00 – 18:30 Uhr



Längenfeld: Taxi Quaxi Tel TEL. +43 (0) 5254 3737; Taxi Lenz +43 5254 2133

Obergurgl: Taxi Ossi Obergurgl Tel: +43 664 43 444 90


vet meditier

meditier Hauptstraße 3a, 6464 Tarrenz Tel: +43 5412 66043  Map


Dr. Christine Haslwanter; Adress:
Oetzerau 72 6433 Oetz, Österreich Tel: +43 5252 6334 Mobil: +43 664 153 84 64 map




Please make sure that you keep the windows closed when you leave the apartment, especially in the winter months.